Friday, August 27, 2010


So I think it’s time I explained a bit about dreams. I have a pretty severe sleeping disorder, which is mostly a burden but allows me to experience some pretty interesting dreams. A doctor once explained to em that they were really more akin to hallucinations that real dreams.
My dreams a photo-realistic, complex and often lucid.  You’ll find that some of the dreams I describe are difficult to believe as dreams, just think of it them as hallucinations and you’ll find yourself much more credulous.  
Themes common to my dreams include sex and sexual denial/frustration, being trapped, being unable to move/walk and being unable to see normally. Capture, dominance and rape occur frequently. I meet a lot of serial killers. I also get the plenty of the cliche dreams settings like being stuck in a vehicle I can’t drive or attending a class where it’s the final exam and I never studied. 
There are a lot of reccurring senarios and charcters . In one senario there’s a guy who kidnaps me and a large group of people and forces us to live in his hidaway, often torturing us. Most of these dreams are quite unpleasant, and I spend the whole time trying to escape and I really hate my situation and the man who kidnapped us. Fortunately, these sometimes turn into wonderful erotic dreams where he forces himself on me sexually. The dreams where we get kidnapped in groups are always nightmares. The one-on-one dreams are almost always wonderful. Go figure.
Sometimes, the good dreams can be the most frustrating at all. After encountering a place or person that I enjoyed spending time in/with a great deal, I often spend the whole day mourning them. Of course, this is often largely because our time got cut off. It is a recurring situation in my dream that I am about to have enjoyable sex when something cuts it off. This can be caused by many problems, including sudden body transformations on the part of my partner, the disappearance of my partner, an occurrence that separates us within the dream, or by my waking up. I swear my body does it on purpose.
There’s more that goes on, but if you keep up with the posts you’ll get the idea. One of the most interesting features of my dreams is the lucidity. I’ve learned to have some degree of control over my dream world. Flying is wonderful, so much that I miss it during the day. I’ll post a run-down of the next lucid dream I have here. I’ll probably just be running around looking for sex as usual, but maybe this time I’ll actually get lucky. See you then.

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