Friday, August 27, 2010


My name is ----. I'm a 21-year-old American female. I collect images. At one point, I had a folder labeled 'Men' and a folder labeled 'Monsters'. I soon realized that I was frequently having the problem of being unsure in which folder an image belonged. Some of them were an obvious choice; that unaltered photo was a man, that painting of a deep-sea terror was a monster. But what about the tall figure in the plague mask? The demon with the coy smile? It was this ambiguity between the two that I loved most.

So, I like men and I like monsters. I am highly sexual by nature. Blood, death, violence, these are all sexual to me. I like knives. I like guns. I like wires and swords and fangs and claws. I like to be afraid. I like to be dominated. I like to lose control. 

As you might expect, expressing and indulging in some of these interests is quite difficult for someone attempting to function in modern society. This journal is my outlet. Here you will find my fantasies, my experiences, my discoveries and, of course, my monsters. 

The image I am currently using as an avatar is an old painting on one of my favorite artistic subjects; Eve and The Snake.The working title, 'take the hand', refers to an old daydream I used to have, where long, dark hands would reach down from the sky. Everyone would be terrified and run, except for me. I would reach out and take the hand.

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