Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dreamed up another horror movie…

So, here’s the dream, it’s from a while ago. Theres something out there on the internet. There’s a series of patterns and puzzles leading deeper and deeper into, well, into something. Our main character, who I was alternately playing and watching, is a collage kid who follows the trail and eventually makes contact with what I originally believed to be a computer program. In the process, he abandons everything else in his life with his need to find the answer. Turns out he’s not the only one. The puzzle leads him to a location, along with about twenty other ‘seekers’, one of which is me. It turns out that they have not been communicating with some kind of evil computer program, but a serial killer. And now he has us all trapped in this abandoned warehouse. It’s very Saw-esque, at least as far as my understanding of Saw goes, I’ve never seen any of the movies. He had us playing this twisted game that I don’t remember very well, but the main character was at the center of it. The serial killer was standing over us at the head of the room, dressed like a circus ringmaster. He was tall, thin, and somewhat effeminate. A bishonen, in other words, though he was much older than the rest of us. Anyway, there was this continuum to stretched away from either side of him. I was on one side and quickly realized that that moving along the continuum away from the man would add ‘power’ the the abilities being used by the other players (because, you know, this is apparently some kind of JRPG), which would be needed as they faced more and more difficult challenges. However, the farther I moved the more pain was inflicted upon my whole body via some sort of of electrical field or something. So, I steeled myself for the pain and told my comrades not to worry, because I could take it. However, they were so wrapped up in the game that they completely ignored me. I was quite upset that i was facing SAW-style torture while they were playing a video game and no one was giving me any credit for it. Then I woke up. Which is good because if you die in the game, you die in real life.

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