Friday, August 27, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome is my favorite disorder

Had a dream this morning. The story is long and crazy but the gist of it is that there was this amusement park that brainwashing people via the rides, and anyone who figured out what was going on was kidnapped and put through psychological testing in order to find the type of person they were looking for…something. Well anyway, I ended up being tested after being kidnapped by this guy in a business suit, but escaped. I immediately rushed home and told my friend what had happened. She told me that my story was ridiculous and that I had obviously been hallucinating or some such, and that there was nothing wrong with the amusement park and she inteded to prove it to me. So, stupidly, I went back with her and rode a couple rides and everything was fine. The the man that had pulled me our for testing appeared. He had a huge evil grin on his face. I cursed loudly and looked back to where my friend was sitting. When I turned around the man informed me that she’d been in on it. 

So at that point I was pretty screwed. He escorted me back to the ‘maze’ that they had the contestants in. Now, normally this maze had this animal/pig/dog/thing guarding it so that you couldn’t just loiter around in the entrance room in order to avoid the horror. But this time my ‘keeper’ shooed the animal away and took a seat in a plush chair near the entrance. What happened next was sort of confusing but it soon became clear that he was going to take advantage of the situation sexually. I told him I would do anything he wanted if I didn’t have to go back into the maze (I’m telling you, this thing was pretty horrific.) By this time I’d gone all Stockholm Syndrome and I was very excited for what he was going to do. This happens a lot in my dreams. Of course I woke up before any of it could happen. Been thinking about it all day. I got gypped out of some excellent dreamsex. FML.

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