Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I can’t stop listening to the Transylvania Concubine song. Imagine a place where women congrigated and vampires came to drink from them. Where I could go everynight and give myself to one, give over my blood and my life force. Perhaps find a master. Would you be different after that? Would people be able to tell? It reminds me of a dream I had a while ago about European nobility staying as guests at a large and beautiful castle. Lots of ceremony going on.
The interesting thing I took away from this dream came into play when the Lord of the castle heard that there was someone in the castle who was in contact with a vampire. Supposedly, humans (especially women) were sometimes kept by a vampire as sources of blood, ie. the vampire would drink a small amount of blood from them again and again, but not enough to kill them or to turn them into a vampire. They didn’t seem to have a term for this sort of person, but kept referring to them as being ‘touched’. As in “the vampire touched her,” or “she’s been touched”. It was a sort of contamination, like the person couldn’t really be considered a member of society after that.
Obviously the person was me. They got suspicious of me after I seemed interested in an old dusty portrait that was hanging in a hallway, which turned out to be of Vlad the Impaler. (Hey, you’re the one with it on your wall, not me.) Then vampires attacked the mansion and started killing everyone. This was totally not my fault.


  1. i always eat large amounts of garlic before going to bet...keeps them bloodsuckers away :)

  2. I hope that comforts you when you see the shadows creeping towards you.