Sunday, September 5, 2010

Criminal Minds

I’ve seen a few episodes of Criminal Minds on TV and and have been pretty impressed so far. Is it a bit ridiculous? Yes. But I’m still enjoying it immensely. I recently started watching them online from the beginning. 
First episode, not particularly attracted to killers. Kid seemed interesting enough though. I thought it was pretty cool that they had him leave a game of go going and analyzed him based on his playing strategy. However, the team figures out that the killers password for his laptop is ‘Enter Sandman’. ‘Cause he’s a Metallica fan and an insomniac, get it? Lol u gaize are so clever. Also; he’s the world’s dumbest hacker. 
First Unsub I really liked was episode 5. Very creepy. Episode 10 was pretty cool. I was kind of surpirsed to realize how appealing the LOD group was to me. Sex parties with loud music, maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised. Still it seemed pretty juvenile. 
Haven’t really found myself to enamored with any of the killers yet, but give it time. Meanwhile I can fangirl over Reed.

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